DTE Youth Group “Little Speakers” Class

This is DTE’s Youth Club Activities.

Classes are for incoming 2-5 graders and taught by our middle school and high school Young Coaches.

Current enrollment: 

Saturday 11 AM Introduction to Original Oratory (OO) Speech (Coach Ethan)

Next Session: 7/18, 7/25, 8/1, 8/8 

In Original Oratory, students deliver a self-written, ten-minute speech on a topic of their choosing. Competitors craft an argument using evidence, logic, and emotional appeals. Topics range widely, and can be informative or persuasive in nature. The speech is delivered from memory.

Enrollment form link here。


2020 6/15 9-12年级高阶演讲训练营开营!

6/15 9-12年级高阶演讲训练营开营!

麦当当 DTE硅谷探赋中心 6/14

6/15-6/26, 9-12 PM, Mon – Fri。针对9-12年级高阶演讲训练营适合有演讲经验为秋季比赛做准备的学生。 

This workshop is for rising 9-12th graders who already have speech experience or speech events ready for the fall. Everyday will be combination of workshop and simulated competition to prepare student for coming tournaments.  If you are interested in OO, interp or any speech event, this is a great opportunity to work with top national Coach!

Coach Yaw is the Director of Forensics (speech and debate) at the two-time national championship winning team at Concordia University. When he was competing, he places nationally in interp events including poetry and DI. He won the American Forensic Association’s Outstanding Coach of the year award in 2018. Yaw has coached University level speech teams that have ranked in the top 10 in the United States for the last several years. Coach Yaw teaches all speech events at the national level and is famous for inspiring students to not only become great speakers, but also for having a passion for communication.




DTE 在线夏令营/课程 6/8开课了!



landian DTE硅谷探赋中心 

辩论是一个提供给所有学生的重要机会。好处显而易见, 学生可以更容易地做好研究和找到专业意见,这个学科也称为法医学。学生培养研究,批判性思维,组织,说服和沟通方面的技能。演讲和辩论的学生在学校中看到了参与的实际好处 – 对说话情境的自信,在访谈中的自发性,提高在其他课程中的写作水平,并且激发不同的观点。无论在校还是毕业后,这些技能也有利于学生。


我们在任何年龄和任何技能水平都创造出了卓越的成果,在锦标赛中的表现一直优于其他队,比其他任何一所学校都获得更多奖项。不少学生平均获得一个奖项或者 多个奖项。我们的学生团队在每一类演讲中都取得了胜利:无论是读稿式演讲、背诵式演讲(或叫脱稿演讲)、即兴式演讲还是辩论式演讲。在过去的十年里,我们几乎每年都执教过全国冠军。我们将重点放在学习和思考上。老师们有教授不同国家的学生和教师的经验。

我们的学生进入加州大学伯克利分校和斯坦福大学这样的顶尖学校,但他们在大学毕业后的表现更为出色, 例如:

  • Palantir Interns  – 由Peter Thiel创立的创新公司
  • 哈佛法学院
  • 莱瑟姆和沃特金斯 – 世界顶级律师事务所之一
  • 在顶级期刊上发表 – 对本科生来说几乎不可能
  • 硅谷初创公司




全部课程均为在线教学, 课程详情请参阅网站


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麦当当 DTE硅谷探赋中心 7/15



8% Early Bird Discount Ends on 7/31




  • Speech & Debate Comprehensive:  (3rd-5th, 6th-9th) (Learn critical thinking, research, and public speaking skills while you build confidence. Each session will have a unique area of concentration.
  • Advanced Speech:For students with prior experience, 6th+)Impromptu, Extemp, Informative speaking, Comedic speaking (ADS), Persuasive speaking and more.
  • Middle SchoolDebate: Policy/Lincoln Douglas Debate (6th+).
  • Highschool Speech/Debate Workshop: contact us for details and qualifications).

Online Class Schedule

  • Date: 8/22-12/13. 15 weeks. Once a week, two hours each class. No class on Labor Day and Thanksgiving Weekends.  
  • Schedule: http://tinyurl.com/dtedebate
  • Tuition: $1155. Early Bird before 7/31:  $1065
  • After 7/31: Referral discount for new student. Sibling discount for second child. None of the discount will be combined.
  • Website: http://discovertalentedu.com/
  • Email: info@dte.leeyee.us


  • Top national champion coaches from ModernBrain, #2 Speech & Debate school in US and #1 in California! 
  • Our program is tailored to help kids think critically, become problem solvers, and most importantly, learn how to learn. 
  • As an industry leader in best preparing students for tournament and academic success, we have years of extensive experience in effective online education. 
  • We offer small class size up to 10 students.



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麦当当 DTE硅谷探赋中心 3 days ago

秋季课程全部在线教学。小班授课。秋季学期 8/22-12/13。15次课程一期, 每次课程2小时。 No class on Labor Day and Thanksgiving Weekends。


Python I – Introduction 编程入门

Great for beginners! This course teaches basic programming and problem solving using Python. Step-by-step explanations will have kids learning computational thinking right away, while visual and game-oriented examples hold their attention. Friendly introductions to fundamental programming concepts such as variables, loops, and functions will help even the youngest programmers build the skills they need to make their own cool games and applications. 用浅显易懂的方法教授Python基本概念,生动有趣。目前在读学生顺利掌握Python编程基本要点,可在春季入读Python Advanced课程。Advanced的课程为project based learning。学生将广泛运用所学在项目中进行巩固并实践实际编程中的立项, 项目设计, 测试, 程序完整度简洁度提高等高阶技能。

周六: 1-2:55 PM

周日: 1-2:55 PM

  • Age: 11-15 years old. 5-8th grade.
  • No coding experience required.



Python II – Advanced 高阶编程 (Data Science)

This course will have you writing programs, solving problems, and making things that work in fast pace. You will put your knowledge from Python I Introduction into practice with Data Science projects with Python’s super-handy libraries. 

周日: 3-4:55 PM

  • Age: 11-15 years old. 6-9th grade.
  • Prerequisite: Python I – Introduction


Java I – Introduction 编程入门

Through this course, students get into the world of  Java and object-oriented programming. Students will  get familiar with running single lines of code and get immediate feedback. They will learn the basics of Java structure, syntax, and work on projects including creating game logic and graphical games. 

周六: 3-4:55 PM

  • Age: 13+. 8th+ grade. 
  • No coding experience required.

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2020-6 MCAC Donation

本月Milpitas Chinese-American Coalition计划帮助Milpitas老人院,老人公寓,老人活动中心,教会等等。里面很多老人可能已经没有家人照顾了,护工也需要防护,教会最近也没有收入,我们继续出一份力吧!


💥本月捐赠点💥1⃣️Terrace Garden老人院:185户老人+护工,捐赠口罩7502⃣️St. Elizabeth Church教会:600口罩3⃣️Park Victoria Baptist Church教会:300口罩4⃣️Mobilodge Village & Friendly Village:180Special masks, disenpectants, Lysol spray for the Mobile homes5⃣️DeViries Senior Housing老人院:80户老人+护工,捐赠口罩300(配送时间待定)6⃣️Pioneer Mobile Homes:500口罩(配送时间待定)

下面是图片记录,感谢派送志愿者Evelyn Chua,她热心公益和服务苗市,今年竞选苗市市议员,咱们一起支持🙏

5月29日准备了750个口罩送去Terrace Garden老人院🙏🙏🙏


6月25日 St. Elizabeth  Church  on Sequoia betweenYosemite and Yellowstone. It’s near Murphy Park. The church practically no income  because of COVID. That is Father Jeff. They’ve been buying  facial masks and these donations mean a lot to them. Thank you so much!💕💕


6月26 We donated 300 Face Masks to the Park Victoria Baptist Church on Yellowstone and South Park Victoria. 
The church administrator, Jim was very surprised to have received such donation. He was very grateful and wants to thank MCAC!

6/26 11:40am: just delivered to happy and grateful staff of Pioneer Mobile Homes. They already opened the boxes and Bonnie is trying one out💜💕. They want to extend their thank you to MCAC!!!


Here at Mobilodge Village. He didn’t put all the stuff out. He said that they have been tested and all 59 residents tested were negative. He’s proud and happy about the masks. 好消息,因为我们的捐赠,帮助他们59位居民全部检测都是阴性!

6月26日 Friendly Village 消毒水等。

5月28日顶呱呱代表华人给苗市公共服务员工捐赠慰问餐活动PUBLIC WORKS OFFICE:We are at 1265 north milpitas Blvd.  next door to the police station. 

2020-05 MCAC Donation


本月我们更深入的走到Milpitas社区,涉及尽量多的有需要的市民!1⃣️ 约750个Mobile Park Units(包括Pioneer Mobile home, Friendly Village, Mobilodge)2⃣️Certified Nursing Asistants 护工组织3⃣️响应Milpitas City新规定,派发给苗市商家和客户
【感谢Evelyn Chua负责捐赠苗市Mobile Home和老人公寓】准备工作,Evelyn要分装1000份!


1.  Mobilodge: very grateful

2.  Friendly Village: very surprised of MCAC’ generosity 

3.  Pioneer: super happy and will write a letter to MCAC of thanks (through me).

4.Certified Nursing Asistants 护工组织

感谢大义工和志愿者Evelyn Chua,因为她长期参加Mobile home的清洁项目,所以才有这次和Mobile home的捐赠结缘。里面大部分居民都是老人,3000个口罩大概足够750个家庭,每家4-5个口罩,可以满足一个月一周一人外出的基本需求。下面是Milpitas Beat媒体报道

【感谢Carmen和Vicki负责派发苗市商家和顾客】首先感谢苗市议员Carmen Montano提案,并让Milpitas成为湾区第一个要求商家和顾客强制戴口罩的城市。口罩可以保护到更多市民!


Home Deport



Grocery outlet






2020-04 MCAC Donation

MCAC是Milpitas Chinese-American Community华人组织,Milpitas是美国加州湾区的一个城市。3月份MCAC发起社区捐赠活动,他们相信“守住社区,就是守住医护”,所以大家把不能捐赠医院的物资收集起来(能捐医护的都捐了),例如国产一次性口罩,布口罩,儿童制作脸罩,手套,消毒液等等,有钱出钱,有力出力,有物资出物资。
MCAC在4月2日送出第一批物资,分别给Milpitas学区、food bank,警察局和消防局,总共大约2500口罩和1750手套等。另外很多大小孩子也出了一份力,参与进来,从小关心社区,成为抗疫


【第二站:Milpitas Food Pantry】类似于Food bank的一个慈善组织,免费给市民派食物和衣服等。由于很多志愿者年纪很大,包括负责人都是高危人群,但是她们不仅缺人手,更缺装备。这次他们准备了400口罩和手套供四月份使用,一大瓶免洗手液,值得一提的是苗市一位大孩子用3D打印机制作了2个面罩给志愿者。

【第三站 苗市警察局 + 消防局】MCAC同时准备了610个医用一次性口罩给警察局和500个医用一次性口罩给消防局,后来更发起制作布口罩的活动捐赠。只有他们健康才能更好的服务社区和维持稳定,MCC致力于守住社区。


【儿童赠画】抗疫不仅仅是大人的事,也是小朋友的事。在他们收集物资的过程中,孩子们纷纷献上自己的画,有画警察的,消防的,医护的,志愿者的,还有祝福语,希望他们平安,为他们加油打气。很多家长也借这个机会,给孩子介绍这些服务社区的英雄,什么是food bank,他们为什么要派食物,并教育孩子要感恩和回馈,看着孩子可爱的画作,他们一片真心,融化了各位。苗市警察局也发脸书点赞!


【大孩子制作3D脸罩】除了画画,大小孩还动起手来,看到网上分享3D系列打印脸罩,就把家里3D打印机像模像样的打印起来,凌晨制作,第一批做了2个,捐给了Food Bank的志愿者,他们每天都要面对很多市民。第二批做了6个,捐给了东北医疗中心的医护。切切实实的帮他们增加多一道保护,学以致用,孩子也很开心能帮助更多人。如果你有兴趣加入3D打印大军,请Facebook 搜索主页BetterMilpitas,他们有提供方法。




【感谢参与名单 排名不分先后】Tina,Sunny,Joyce,Mingying,伊娃,成荫,茂茂一家,Fion,Shirley,Echo,Jayo,Lisa,theLostCat,Vivian和Terry一家,遇见,J,虎爸,Happy超,秀英,昊爸,吴壮壮,taotao,Cindy,Michael Tsai,成荫
❤️We Are In This Together❤️

2020-06-27 Abigail Hing Wen Event

APAPA Ohio Presents: Asian American Identity and Struggle – Keys to communicating between generations
APAPA Ohio Summer Internship Program is proud to present keynote speaker Abigail Hing Wen, New York Times Bestseller author of “Loveboat, Taipei” to talk about Asian Identity. Attendees are invited to submit questions on their struggle with their Asian Identity, and what they learned when communicating with their parents/children/grandchildren about the current events.

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