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Tynker Summer Programming Camp for Kids

Tynker is a complete learning system that teaches kids to code. Kids begin experimenting with visual blocks, then progress to text-based coding as they design games, build apps, and make incredible projects.


Coding Camp Weekly Themes 

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Theme  Description
Python/JavaScript for Kids

Grades 4th-8th

Learn Python and build your own games for web and mobile platforms.

In this advanced lesson plan, students will be introduced to Python as they complete engaging lessons, solve challenging puzzles, and build their own games in Python. This course is ideal for students who have already completed at least one Tynker course and are comfortable with the basics of programming logic and computational thinking. This course will help them transition to Python and adapt to the additional challenges of text-based syntax.

You can also choose JavaScript!


Game Design Studio – Animation

Grades 2rd-8th

Create animated cartoons just like the pros. Learn the basics of animation as you draw your own characters and bring them to life with code.You will use visual programming to control the speed and type of animation as you add animals, dragons, monsters, and avatars into your coding projects. Create a portfolio of fun projects including original animated games, cartoon strips, music videos, and interactive worlds to share with friends and family.


Game Design Studio – Creative Coding

Grades 2rd-8th

Discover programming through art, music, and math. Collaborate with other campers as you plan and build amazing projects using visual programming. Create interactive greetings, experiment with sounds and musical notes, make your own comics, design characters and animate them, generate math art, and build level-based games.


Game Design Studio 

Grades 2rd-8th

Learn what it takes to build your own video game worlds. Design and build your own games from start to finish by connecting Lego-like code blocks. Build 2D game worlds, design animated heroes and villains, program game controls and motion, add music, and program game logic. At the end of the week, show off your own original games and play them with friends and family. 



Mrs. Tsai, instructor for our “Game Design 102” class. Master in Computer Science. Extensive teaching experience of computer science subjects to elementary schools through colleges.

*You need to bring your own laptop and headphones.