7/30/2017 Milpitas ICC Table Tennis and getting to know each other

【今天11点 Milpitas ICC 乒乓球活动】

PingPong Event: Table Tennis and getting to know each other

Organizer: Anil Godhwani

Sunday, July 30 from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

ICC Table Tennis Center, 1507 North Milpitas Boulevard Milpitas, CA 95035

Dear Friends,
You are invited to come watch some world class table tennis at the ICC Table Tennis Center which is the # 1 Table Tennis program in the United States. It has produced more Olympians and National Champions than the rest of the country put together. This is an opportunity for you to come tour the 20,000 square foot center, meet and watch some of our Table Tennis Champions in action and even play with them. This is also a great opportunity for the leaders on our communities (Indian and Chinese) to get to know one another better and work together more closely in the future. Please come dressed to play and bring your paddle if you have a favorite one. If not, we will supply them.

7/30/2017 面对面:麦当劳大王尹集成



成功之路充满艰难坎坷未知, 也可能有排斥和歧视。 您希望自己和孩子都有坚持的勇气, 选择的智慧吗?

您希望获得物质成功之后,也能成为inspiring role model and leader, 为整个亚裔在美国的地位权利, 做实事和杰出贡献吗?

欢迎您参加明天,七月三十日下午 2:00 to 4:00 pm, 斯坦福李嘉诚中心120 与尹先生和尹太太面对面的活动。

听他分享创业之路,在充满歧视的环境中,如何冒着生命危险从Oakland 艰难困苦的开店, 开拓,并成功的经历。

硅谷的孩子们,常常听到转眼成功发达的故事。 这些故事, 给孩子们梦想同时也给他们巨大压力。今天的硅谷,孩子们压力重重。 忧郁甚至自杀都成为父母的担忧。尹先生的故事,会给孩子们的梦想插上信心和坚毅的翅膀,也会启迪他们有勇气, 耐心面对生活的困境。艰难困苦,玉汝于成。

时间: 七月三十日, 星期天, 2:00 到4:00 pm
地点: 斯坦福李嘉诚中心 120; LKSC 120

欢迎父母与孩子们一起参加, 一同受益。

(尹先生的故事, 老少皆宜。上小学的孩子,到大学毕业工作的孩子,到父母亲们都会切切受益)