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2022/09 《金石上的盛唐》特展


Since its establishment in 2004, the Silicon Valley Asian Art Center has been attentive on rubbings. The content covers many famous steles and cliff carvings dating from the Three Kingdoms to Yuan Dynasty. Since 2019, we have started to try some special exhibitions, which have been recognized by the audience. From September 2nd to 27th this year, the exhibition “The Magnificent Tang Dynasty Through Epigraphy: Exhibition of the Stele Rubbings from the Silicon Valley Asian Art Collection” was specially launched, and nine pieces (sets) of rubbings were selected, including Six Steeds of Zhao Mausoleum, Nestorianism in China, Ode of the Reviving of the Great Tang Dynasty, stele of Yan Qinli, Record of the Wanshou Temple, Preface of the Tripitaka, etc.

Four lectures will be presented during the exhibition. For more info, please refer to www.artshu.com or call (408)248-2698. Address: 3777 Stevens Creek Blvd., Suite 400, Santa Clara, CA 95051.


祝大家中秋節安康/ Happy Moon Festival

舒建華/ Jianhua Shu