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2020 and before SVWA Activities


2020 新的一年活动多多!

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为硅谷及世界各地的女性开辟一片属于我们自己的“园地”,建立畅通的交流管道,彼此扶持,相互帮助,扩大人生视 野,拓宽人生空间,丰富生活内容,提高生活品质,在这个日新月异的高科技世界里,进一步自我肯定,自我定位,共同 营造崭新的生活。

内容举凡有:亲密关系和家庭 联系的建立,职业发展, 自我提高等。
还有各种兴趣活动如个人形象美容设计,插花,陶艺,美食烹饪,健身运动,郊 游等等。
硅谷女性》我们愿与每个朋友, 不论男女性别, 共同营造崭新的硅谷生活! 欢迎你!




Who are we?

We are Chinese women who live and work in silicon valley – a group of mature female professionals and independent individuals.

What is our mission? Our mission is to help our sisters (no matter they’re here or around the world) to build up an efficient communication channel among ourselves and our families, friends, significant others; To cultivate a ground for friendship seeking and support gaining; To establish our unique values and identities; To enrich our visions and lives; To share and appreciate our own culture and heritage; And essentially, to live a meaningful life in this high tech capitol of the world.

To accomplish our mission, we will be glad to offer a variety of activities to this community. These activites include but not limited to social gatherings, salon discussions, relationship and family related seminars, career development and self-improvment groups (such as career path design, personal beauty design, floral arrangements, gourmet foods, outdoor sports and martial arts…).

Brought together by the same belief and understanding, we, a group of Chinese ladies in the valley initiated this SVWomen group. We cordially invite you, no matter you’re male or female, no matter where you are, to join our group and group discussions and activities.

SVWomen, a group by the women, and for the women!