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2023 May 第四届翰林全美小美食家大赛–寸草春晖

第四届翰林全美小美食家大赛–寸草春晖 欢迎k-12年级小美食家们大方展示在今年5月的母亲节自己是如何表达对妈妈的尊重和热爱的[Rose][Rose][Rose]一张美食爱心照,一段一分钟的行动解说,述说小美食家热爱烹饪背后的动力与你的实干。我们一定会为小美食家们的努力鼓掌,商家们也会为孩子们点赞,并送上鼓励的奖品[Gift]

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Are you ready to showcase your culinary skills and spread love this Mother’s Day? We’re excited to announce the Hanlin USA National Young Chef Cooking Competition – Cooking with Love, hosted by Hanlin Education Foundation of America, organized by Hanlin Institute, sponsored by several well-known manufacturers and judged by international-level chefs, is about to start!  . 

This competition is your chance to shine in the kitchen and impress the judges with your creativity and passion for cooking. You need to prepare a dish that you believe represents the love and appreciation you have for your mom or mother figure in your life. Be sure to showcase your unique style and use ingredients that hold a special meaning to you and your family. Whether you’re an aspiring chef or just love to cook, we welcome all young chefs aged 18 and under to participate.

2022 去年的总结短片视频 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?app=desktop&list=PLAiSheDaRXK6QFYgivkX265l8O9NkKcU9